The petrol is assumed for the client. The tank level must be the same as it was from the beginning.

In case of damaging the car or its painting or any accessory of the vehicle except when it is not fault of the client or his companions and it’s demonstrable, as well as the repair of a flat tire in the period of the contract.

In this case we will contact you and reach a solution to be able to meet throughout Saturday morning to deliver the key and do the pick-up of the car on Sunday, which will be parked outside the establishment.

Yes, except American Express or Diners Club.

For security reasons, the company will block 200€ from a credit card that will be unblocked when the vehicle is returned, as long as everything is correct.

If the accident occurs during the rental period, we recommend always to call the Local Police of the town where you are or the emergency number 112 to receive support in the procedures that are required. Under no circumstances may the car be driven by a person that is not included in the contract. Finally, we appreciate being informed of the situation to motivate other help that we can offer.

Yes, but you must contract an international insurance that costs 10€ per day. It’s mandatory